Sherwood Heights!

Published 13 February 08 03:16 PM | Debra Curran 
Somewhere between Mississauga and Oakville is a wonderful little community that few seem to know about. It's right on the border of Mississauga and is the furthest eastern boundary of Oakville. What makes it so special ? Just ask anyone who commutes to downtown Toronto! Minutes to the Clarkson GO Station you can actually walk or bike there. The downside, is that there are no local Public Schools's the upside - your children are bused to some of Oakvilles very best schools including the very popular Oakville Trafalgar. This community is what I feel personally, is a perfectly planned neighbourhood - homes range from lovely townhouses to spacious four and five bedroom homes. In fact many people moving into the community have no intention of leaving even when they're ready for the next step in a home. My two current listings are on a lovely street - Springfield Crescent and they're just different enough to make it difficult to choose between the two! If you don't know where Sherwood Heights is, perhaps it's time you did!!!


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