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Selling Your Home

Debra CurranFor many people making the decision to sell their home is a huge step and something they have NEVER done before. It's an intimidating process to figure out how to move forward. If you just pick just any Real Estate Agent in Oakville or Mississauga it's a bit of a lottery on whether you will find someone qualified as well as someone you feel comfortable with. If you just decide to pick the most popular local name, you will probably feel pressure to make your decision immediately without meeting anyone else and likely find yourself working with a team instead of the individual you called or met with.

So how do you find a Real Estate Agent in Oakville or Mississauga?

  • First, what you're doing right now is fantastic! Do your research on the internet - The reality is that in this day, and age whoever you choose MUST have a strong internet presence to market your home properly, so what better way to find out than starting with their website.


  • Read bio's and testimonials and then choose an agent from at least two of the leading brokerages and ask them to visit your home.
  • They should bring with them a solid well planned presentation giving you information on who they are, how they will market your property and then review the comparable sales in your area.
  • They should answer questions you didn't even know to ask and make you feel like they want to EARN your trust and your business.