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You can do this two ways, set yourself up to receive listings automatically by filling out the form below or contact me and I will set up your search (different format) to ensure you are receiving exactly the listings you're looking for - plus you will have the added assurance of knowing that I'm personally looking out for what you're looking for.  Too often buyers get caught up in www.realtor.ca and figure they are on top of things. What they dont know, is that it takes a couple of days for listings to get on to www.realtor.ca and those couple of days can mean the difference between getting the best home or being the one who MISSED OUT on the best home. 

That's why a personalized home search is so valuable to you - it is your opportunity to be notified of all new listings in Oakville, Ontario or anwhere else, that meet your criteria, absolutely FREE!

Not only will you be notified by email of all new listings that match your search criteria within our website, but your home search will also be compared against other participating agents listings within your desired area(s). All new listings added to the system that match your criteria will be emailed to you.

If you fill out the form below and include as much information as possible you will get listings sent to you automatically but.....if you would like a personalized search for new listings designed to meet all of your requirements, please send me an email directly or call me. I will take the time to review your needs and set you up on an entirely different system that will guarantee that you will get listings sent to you that are completely customized to your requirements. It's still free of charge, but I'll need a few minutes of your time to ensure I understand your requirements. Trust me, it's worth it!

As there are TONS of listings and probably only a handful that will meet your particular needs, the more information you can provide, the more accurate the results of your search will be - please take the extra few moments to let me know important things such as areas you are interested in, price range and anything else that matters to you - like schools or amenities. If you'd like to skip the form and go straight to a personalized search contact me today and I'll get you started debracurran@royallepage.ca or (905) 845-4267

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