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Open Houses in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington

Whether you are new to Oakville or Mississauga, lots of people find going to open houses on a Saturday or a Sunday to be a very useful way to get acquainted with a neighbourhood. I have met so many clients while doing an open house. There's always a real "buzz" to a street on the weekend, and it is a great way to see who the neighbours are and more importantly, how the street feels. Are there kids playing on the street, do the neighbours socialize etc. You can always drive around the area you are interested in and look for the Open House signs, but if you are trying to plan ahead, sometimes its more valuable to know if there is an Open House on a particular home. There's a few ways to find out if the home you are interested in is actually having an Open House. Local Real Estate Boards compile a list on a daily basis and here are some links to boards in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. 



This link will take you directly to the Realtor.ca site where you can search for Open Houses and narrow your search to Oakville. It's not the best link, but if you have trouble - just call me at 905 845-4267