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Getting you and your home ready to sell!

If you are selling a home in Oakville or Mississauga, you need to know that you are working in a market that has very high expectations. The more you do to get yourself prepared, the better off you will be. Even if you are not quite ready to actually put you home on the market, here are some suggestions on things you can begin to do before you even choose your real estate agent.

CLEAN!!!! I can't stress enough the value of presenting your home in a sparkling manner. That means doing your "spring cleaning" regardless of the time of year. Don't forget the spots you may not normally pay attention to - wipe down all your baseboards, light switches, vents, return air ducts, outside of cabinets, blinds, windows and sills, etc.

Sometimes people spend more time cleaning the things they are taking with them rather than the things that are staying behind!

Change your furnace filter ( home inspector will be checking it anyway, and it's always nice to show you've cared for your furnace).
LIGHT BULBS! - This is so important! Your home will be viewed day AND evening, make sure you've replaced any bulbs that are out - especially those pesky bathroom vanity ones that have 20 bulbs! And even if you are a wonderful conservationist - now is the time to ensure that you can showcase your home with good bright lighting so take it up a watt or two if you need to!
Replace any minor missing or broken items - little things like a cracked light switch, missing knob etc. give the wrong impression. It's pennies to replace these things and worth every cent.

At this point all I am referring to is the basics - ceilings, doors and trim. If you haven't done these recently, take a good look at them and decide if a coat of paint will make them look fresh and new. When it comes to walls, either go neutral if you have some really unusual colours, or wait until you can get some expert advice from your realtor.

Get the following items ready:

  • Copies of your floor plan 
  • Tax Bill
  • Survey
  • Extra Key
  • List of ALL improvements in the past couple of years (windows, roof, upgrades etc)